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Mama Delia provides Bonhomme Group’s Chef/Partner Marcos Campos a vehicle to showcase the exquisite regional products of Spain with dishes that are ingredient-driven and nostalgic.  His hyper-seasonal offerings demonstrate his ongoing evolution as an individual and chef, cooking in Spain and Chicago, with constantly changing flavors and compositions.

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The intimate dining room with its open kitchen and the nearby chefs counter removes barriers between the guest and those preparing the food, fostering conversation as chefs craft, plate and present the ever-evolving dishes. Essentially, Spain’s current culinary movement isn't molecular and it's not tradition. It's a brilliant blend. Mama Delia provides an honest window into a cuisine full of inspiration, contradiction and joy. 

And when your chef hails from Valencia, the birthplace of paella, it’s a given that the classic Spanish dish is featured, though his impeccable technique may forever alter your appreciation for the rice-based dish.

Following Campos’ lead, the desserts at Mama Delia from Executive Pastry Chef Shannah Primiano find inspiration in classic Spanish sweet dishes before channeling more contemporary methods and intriguing ingredient pairings. “I always hint back to nostalgia in my desserts to create something people can relate to,” says Primiano. “Then I like to throw in something people wouldn’t expect, so they can view a classic dessert or flavor with a whole new vision.”

“When I started at Bonhomme Hospitality, I was in my 20s and now I’m closer to my 30s,” says Campos. “I want to show the evolution of my cuisine from my travels and learning from other chefs in the process. Mama Delia gives me the opportunity to do that.”